1. Anonymous said: Happy Birthday beautiful, i dont know you personally but you seem like such an amazing person. Hope your day is filled with happiness and love!

    Thank you!


  2. It’s meat puppet day again.


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    The Distillers - Dismantle Me

    i will always speak the truth 

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  4. I love this woman

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    Canada Day 1: Met up with raisa-allin walked around for like 4 hours talking about everything and its mother.  She took me to a McDonalds and I had a “buffalo chicken poutine” for the first time (i saw one on tumblr and really really wanted to try it).  Wouldn’t get one again but it was pretty awesome. Waiting for January to get here and then…who knows?

    I bought this really awesome book that teaches you how to say dirty things in sign language.  For the record, Raisa is a pretty boss person and everyone should take note.  #BowDownBitches

    Nenetl is a dream

    hoooo my god >///////<

    for the record i think both of you are incredible sensual beings with a lot of important shit to say, and yea, you are doing really well, I think anyway, and…hi


  7. I have been debating putting this link up, but it is my golden birthday…so… I LOVE YOU!

    27 ON THE 27TH <3

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  10. Sweet tattoo Hrabkosan.